Digital media is ruling the world and business conglomerates opt for video marketing rather than traditional marketing tactics. Social media videos drive consumer attention towards products. Also, it helps in retaining potential consumers interactively. However, most of the videos do not meet the accessibility parameters. So, clients either integrate closed captions or avail of professional closed captioning services. Thereby, businesses strengthen their social media advertising tactics and make international expansion easier. But, why closed captions are so crucial for social media videos. Do they have something special that grabs the users’ attention? Let’s decipher.

Reasons to integrate closed captions in social media videos

To drive more social media engagement Are you adding closed captions in social media videos? Higher conversion is for sure! A case study states that after integrating closed captions to social media videos, call-to-action increased by 25%. Also, closed captions increase the viewing time and make users watch the entire content.


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